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Pure Food.
Pure Comfort.

Comfort foods made from superfoods.™



Farm Cut was founded on the belief that healthy and delicious should never be contradictory: good-for-you food should always taste great. Eating healthy shouldn't mean going hungry. So, we developed a menu of your favorite comfort foods, crafted from nutrient-dense, whole ingredients with a gourmet twist by our professional chefs—available for corporate catering, grab-and-go at Tone House®, and on-demand delivery across New York City.

Farm Cut meals are made without a trace of refined sugar, gluten, dairy, soy, or artificial ingredients. We cook only with all-natural olive, avocado, and coconut oils, season with healthful herbs and spices like rosemary and turmeric, and sweeten using natural ingredients like dates and wild honey. 

We design our seasonal menus to maximize every ingredient's nutritional value and flavor, and prepare balanced meals that nourish your body and mind.




We're transparent about what's in our food—ingredients, nutrition facts, and benefits are available for all meals.




Chef Lindsey Becker founded Farm Cut with the goal of having people crave healthier food. We have reimagined comfort foods to include ingredients that not only have nutritional benefits, but also add exciting tastes. We believe that eating what you want can be the same as eating what you should. Our protein-packed, nutrient-dense meals eliminate the desire for “cheat foods”.

We carefully select the best-quality superfoods, prepare using the healthiest oils—like coconut and avocado, and season with beneficial herbs. We create meals that are filled with quality calories that can give you the energy, mental sharpness, and positive mood to get you through the day. Farm Cut aims to satisfy all palates—from the restaurant-going foodie to the health-conscious dieter—with meals that are rich in flavor and nutrients.


Finally, a catering company that gets it! Farm Cut is exactly how food should be – healthy and delicious. My employees want to eat healthy, but it was hard to find healthy, yummy options. Farm Cut’s high quality ingredients, inventive menus, delicious taste and posted nutrition information support our corporate wellness goal of helping our employees stay healthy, and employees are happy because it’s simply great food. Thank you!
— Catherine Hauser, RD, Corporate Wellness Program Director at IPsoft, Inc.

we cater 

Our meals are available for catering. Contact us about providing food for your next group dinner, office lunch, work party, or other corporate event.



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