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All menu items are free of gluten, dairy, soy, refined sugar, and artificial ingredients.
V = Vegan, P = Paleo, GF = Gluten-Free, DF = Dairy-Free, RSF = Refined Sugar-Free
* = Contains Seeds, ** = Contains Nuts


Mini Avocado Sweet Potatoast
Smashed avocado and spirulina on baked sweet potato rounds, sprinkled with chili flakes and chia seeds (V, P, GF, DF)*

Turmeric Deviled Eggs
Free-range deviled eggs with whipped turmeric chickpea filling (GF, DF)

Seasonal Skewers with Cranberry Sauce
Roasted butternut squash, Brussels sprouts, and honey crisp apples with cranberry reduction (V, P, GF, DF)

Market Vegetables with Hummus
Fresh vegetable crudité with roasted butternut squash hummus (V, GF, DF)

Waldorf Salad Bites
Toasted walnuts, grapes, apples, and celery on a crisp endive leaf with poppy seed dressing (V, P, GF, DF)* **

Salmon Tartare
Salmon tartare with lemon, garden herbs, and spirulina avocado mousse (P, GF, DF)

Hemp Seed Crab Cakes
Hemp seed-crusted crab cakes with cashew tartar sauce (P, GF, DF)* **

Goji Shrimp Cocktail
Chilled wild shrimp with fresh goji berry cocktail sauce (P, GF, DF)

Turkey Kale Meatballs
Lean ground turkey with Tuscan kale baked in a homemade tomato sauce (P, GF, DF)

Ginger Chicken Satay
Chicken breasts marinated in garlic, ginger, and coconut aminos (P, GF, DF)**

Almond Crusted Chicken Poppers
Bite-sized chicken morsels served with beet ketchup and wild honey mustard (P, GF, DF)**

Sumac Lamb Sliders
Sumac-spiced lamb patties on a gluten-free bun with cashew cucumber tzatziki sauce (P, GF, DF)**

Marinated Beef Skewers
Marinated beef with oregano chimichurri (P, GF, DF)

Bite-Sized Bistro Filets
Bistro filets on fingerling potatoes with horseradish cream and chives (GF, DF)

Mini Cacao Brownies 
Gluten-free brownies made from cacao, free-range eggs, coconut oil, & grade A maple syrup (P, GF, DF, RSF)**

Maca Chocolate Coconut Truffles
Puffed brown rice and coconut covered with maca-infused chocolate (V, GF, DF, RSF)**

Raspberry Camu Camu Oat Squares
Gluten-free crust with raspberry camu camu jam and coconut oat crumble (V, GF, DF, RSF)**

Pumpkin Date “Cheesecakes”
Dairy-free raw pumpkin cashew “cheesecakes” with cinnamon and ginger in a gluten-free pecan date crust (V, P, GF, DF, RSF)**

Mini Chocolate Chunk Cookies
Gluten-free cookies baked with an almond and coconut flour blend, chocolate chunks, turmeric, wild honey, and coconut oil (P, GF, DF, RSF)**

To Order, Email: Catering@FarmCutMeals.com