maqui berries

Goji and acai berries have held the spotlight, but now maqui berries are about to take center stage.

Grown in South American countries like Chile and Argentina, maqui berries are overflowing with amazing nutritional benefits. It’s no wonder this fruit was listed as one of the most popular superfoods over the past year.

These small, deep purple, round berries look similar to acai berries since both contain an important flavonoid called anthocyanin, which is responsible for their intense purple pigment. Both also have an enormous amount of antioxidants in a single serving, but many scientists have noted that maqui berries have the highest quantity of any food or fruit in nature! Unlike tart acai berries, maqui berries are bursting with sweetness and rich flavors.

Aside from their great taste, eating this superfruit may also help reduce inflammation. Packed with vitamin C, calcium, iron, copper, and potassium, maqui berries are your one-stop-shop supplement for good health. They have been known to help control diabetes by improving glucose absorption, maintain a healthy weight, body detoxification, and even help manage arthritis.

Since maqui is not cultivated in the States, you’ll only be able to find it in powder, dried, or juice form. However, the powder and dried berries retain much of the nutritional value and fiber, and are the next best thing to freshly picked. Juices are often highly processed to be shelf-stable, so we recommend passing on those. Try adding them into a salad, warm fruit compote, or smoothie to give your body an extra health boost and fight free radicals.

Shenelle Ramsay