Superfood Spotlight Series: Lucuma

photo of lucuma fruit sliced in half

Found in Andean valleys of Peru, the lucuma fruit at first glance may look like an unripened avocado or mango, but inside is a bright, yellow-orange flesh with a pitted center. This exotic superfruit is nicknamed “eggfruit” because its texture is often compared to a hard-boiled yolk. Luckily it’s taste is very differentlucuma is famous for its sweet, butterscotch-like taste. Some people say it reminds them of caramel-flavored sweet potato. Across South America, it’s a popular ice cream flavor and shake, known as “eggfruit nog.”  

Lucuma's unique taste isn’t the only reason it’s so special. It contains vital nutrients and vitamins the body relies on, including: vitamin A, B vitamins, iron, calcium, and high levels of beta carotene. Eating this superfood may help reduce inflammation, boost your immune system, aid in digestion, and lower blood pressure. It’s also a great low-glycemic sweetener for those monitoring their sugar intake and can be used in smoothies, baked goods, and other treats.

Lucuma can be eaten raw or cooked, but in the United States, it’s typically dried at a low temperature and then ground into powder. We love adding lucuma powder in our chocolate chunk cookies, both for the added flavor and nutritional benefit. You can find lucuma online or at a health food market nearby.

Shenelle Ramsay